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In 1988 I graduated from the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige. During my studies, I spent several summers in mountain huts, nurturing a passion and getting closer to the livestock sector. In 1990, the idea of opening a small organic livestock farm was born, as I was convinced of the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. I renovated an old barn on a hill in Rovereto, next to my home, creating a small barn for a few dairy cows and a processing area to produce cheeses to be sold directly on the farm. However, my mandatory military service year interrupted this venture, leading me to abandon the idea of managing the farm. Subsequently, after winning a public competition, I worked for twelve years as an agricultural officer for the Autonomous Province of Trento. In the meantime, I met Laura, whom I married, and we had three children: Martina, Giacomo, and Tommaso.


However, my attraction to the agricultural world was still strong. In my free time, I started cultivating small plots of vegetables, small fruits, and apples. From that moment, the evolution was slow but continuous until the definitive decision in 2006 to give up my public job and dedicate myself full-time to organic farming. Soon after, I decided to complete the production chain by establishing an artisanal workshop in a small rented space in Molini di Nogaredo. It was there that I could process the raw materials produced on the farm. This is when our first jams, sauerkraut, and tomato passata were born.


Over the years, Laura and our children also became passionate about the business, investing their time and energy to support and assist me in the field and in the workshop. As time went on, the demand for our fresh and processed products grew in the market. We expanded the production capabilities of the farm and processing by introducing new varieties, acquiring land, and investing in food machinery to expand our product range. In 2010, we took another step towards fostering the connection between producer and consumer. In the historic Santa Maria neighbourhood in Rovereto, we successfully opened NaturalmenteBio, a small family-run sales shop.


However, one last step was missing. The company still lacked a clear identity, it was quite fragmented, and it did not have a well-defined central headquarters. Our strength was to look towards the future in the same direction. The passion and underlying philosophy that unite us as a family have helped us and have been the foundation to carry forward the project of creating a unified central headquarters, where we could bring together our activities.

In 2016, the adventure began in Patone di Isera. A new, spacious, and functional structure, equipped with cutting-edge environmentally friendly technology, finally allows us to work better and grow. We sought out land at higher altitudes that met our needs for organic farming. Meanwhile, Laura also left her job as a public employee to devote herself to our dream.

Finally, with the entry of Giacomo and Martina into the company, who have completed their studies in the field, we are building a broader vision and planning of the farm's activities, always with a focus on short supply chains and multi-sectoral approaches. Our current objective is to enhance our productions in the context of sustainable agriculture and work, while enhancing and, above all, respecting the territory in which we live.

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