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Our production chain begins in the fields and finds its highest value in our artisanal processing workshop. The recently constructed facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that ensure certified production processes carried out with the utmost food and occupational safety.

Starting from organic and superior-quality ingredients, we prepare and package our products according to recipes and operational methods that respect tradition while also experimenting with new flavour combinations. The artisanal nature of our productions does not exclude the use of innovative equipment and technologies for managing various production processes. In fact, tradition and modernity complement each other.

One example is the concentration bowl, a special cooking pan that, thanks to a physical process, allows fruits and vegetables to be cooked under vacuum and at a low temperature ranging from 50 to 55 degrees Celsius. This process extracts excess water from the raw materials, resulting in preserved colour, nutritional properties, and enhanced sensory characteristics (organoleptic characteristics).



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We like to think that the added value our products acquire during the production chain is also determined by the synergy that accompanies every aspect of our daily lives.

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