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  • With its intense aroma and sweet taste, the Organic Red Onion Compote is particularly suitable for pairing with mature cheeses.


    It is obtained by artisanal processing, which does not involve the use of colouring agents and preservatives and allows the best possible preservation of the characteristics of the onions, which, when cleaned and processed by hand, retain their taste.

    Organic Red Onion Compote

    VAT Included
    • Cipolle rosse* (120 g per 100 g di prodotto finito), zucchero di canna*, succo di limone*, aceto di mela*.


    • Energia 827 kJ / 195 kcal
      Grassi < 0,5 g
      di cui saturi 0 g
      Carboidrati 47 g
      di cui zuccheri 47 g
      Fibra 1,1 g
      Proteine 1,1 g
      Sale 0,03 g

      Dopo l'apertura conservare in frigorifero a una temperatura compresa tra 0°C e +4°C e cosumare entro 4 giorni.

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